Pokro Brewing Company

"Brewing beer to drink and selling the rest."

Our Story

Pokro Brewing Company opened for business on Feb. 14, 2015, and since then has given its customers a place that keeps them coming back. We specialize in Polish, Belgian, English, and other European-style beers – all from the founding brewer’s recipes. Complementing our European-style beers is an offering of traditional Polish favorites: pierogi, potato pancakes, sausage, and kraut.

These offerings don’t end with our daily fare, so be sure to come back for monthly and annual special events.

The first Thursday of each month is Polish Night. Come out and enjoy homemade bigos, golabki, and stuffed peppers. It’s a meal any buscia would approve of.

We’re also home to an annual Dyngus Day celebration (also known as Polish Valentine’s Day). The Polish holiday has its roots in a time when men would court women by lightly tapping them with pussy willow branches on the Monday after Easter. We celebrate with the release of our limited Pokro’s Dyngus beer, an accordion player, and, of course, pussy willows.

In 2017, we upgraded our brewing equipment, and now operate on a 10 BBL ABE brewing system. In 2019, Dave still carries on the tradition we started with: welcoming the community with good Polish food and good beer.

The brewery’s name comes from the founding brewer’s high school nickname: Pokro. The nickname was a shortened version of his last name, Pokropinksi. (The Polish pronunciation is POKE-row-pin-ski, but the Americanized version pahk-ROW-pin-ski is commonly used.)

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Dave Gizynski